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Sal Mineo known for his Academy Award-nominated performance opposite James Dean in the Hollywood film Rebel Without a Cause . .Infamous Mobster , Whitey Bulger of  the murderous Winter Hill Mob had a very gay one night stand with Sal . Bulger  killed  plenty of  people  with  guns,  but Whitey hit the handsome actor in  the ass with Cupids arrow


Frank Sinatra  was a fan  of many Mobster’s like Johnny Roselli, and Mafia Don,  Carlo Gambino.  According  to  entertainer ,Jerry Lewis,  Frank Sinatra once served as a Mafia courier and narrowly escaped arrest with a briefcase containing $3.5 million in cash.   Mafia fink , Jimmy “the weasel”  Fratianno always maintained that  Sinatra  was an associate of Chicago  Mobster,  Sam Giancana.  Tina Sinatra says her father told her that Kennedy patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy wanted the Mafia’s help in delivering the union vote in the 1960 West Virginia primary, in which John Kennedy, then a U.S. senator, faced Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota. The elder Kennedy asked Frank Sinatra to make a request to then-Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana.